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Blackwater jobs for Safety and Security


Blackwater jobs are currently one of the top providers of training and security solutions worldwide. Employed not only by government but also private institutions, the company was founded in 1997 and continues to be a strong source of top quality services for the security of their clients. Although initially started as a training hub for law enforcement personnel, Blackwater has extended their services to cover other needs within the industry.


The Backbone of Blackwater


The Blackwater takes their roles and responsibilities seriously, which is why all staff of the company work under guiding principles to maintain the elite class of their facility.

Blackwater Jobs

  • Integrity – all employees have all been checked to ascertain past ethical behaviors. Further trainings and conferences reinforce this integrity, ensuring that all employees work harmoniously and fairly as teammates and associates. 
  • Dignity – all associates, clients and people within the community are treated with respect for their rights and beliefs. This company presents an equal opportunity field for anyone who wants to be part of the Blackwater faculty.
  • Governance – the Blackwater team promises to be accountable for all their performances both legally and ethically. A strong backbone of Board of Directs will oversee all contracts and make sure that everything falls within the limits of propriety.
  • Excellent – the aim is to achieve word-class operational excellent for all clients, no matter how big or small the job may be. Professionalism, accountability and commitment are all guaranteed through Blackwater.
  • Innovation – the company encourages everyone to create possible solutions for real-world situations. All employees are given ample training to help with their problem-solving skills. Training with the most current technologies for defense is also provided to make the best out of every situation.
  • Teamwork – Blackwater believes highly in the power of teamwork, thus making the effort of grouping individuals who perform best together. All employees are encouraged to interact and train together in order to cultivate friendly competition and camaraderie.
What They Offer


Covering a wide array of services for the needs of the government and private corporations, following are the Blackwater jobs being offered for prospective clients: 

  • The company offers protective training lessons for both domestic and international clients.
  • Their team offers quality assessment services specifically tailored for the needs of the client. A facility risk assessment is available and specially molded for the specific situation to ensure that all bases are covered. Blackwater professionals will sweep the area and gather much needed intelligence to verify the safety and security of the environment for whatever event.
  • For those who have their own security personally and require only additional support, Blackwater is also capable of augmenting the current staff for specific events.
  • They offer high quality training for civilians and security personnel hired by the government or private institutions.
  • Consultation services are provided for companies who want verification over the safety and security of their events.

Blackwater Facilities


After years in the security industry, Blackwater managed to refine their services as the need demands. Operating on the spectrum: assess, train and protect, the company currently has a 7,000 acre training ground just for this need. Along with ample space to train individuals for real-life danger, Blackwater also boasts numerous state of the art tools that are used for defense. Some of them are even being used in the military nowadays, allowing clients to learn in-depth skills when it comes to the use of guns, knives and other defense materials.


Being a sprawling enterprise, the company holds several branches to better serve their clients. Aside from the Corporate Headquarters, Blackwater can be found at Moyock, Southwest San Diego and Northeast Salem.


The Trainers


All Blackwater jobs are being filed in by some of the top defense instructions in the country today. Most of them have had experience in battle and are recognized names within the industry. Their


Pro Tools and Pro Shop


Among the many services of Blackwater are pro tools catering to individuals who are thinking of or are already carrying firearms. The protective institution offers instructions on how to best use and take care of the equipment. Blackwater has more than 56 armorer certifications as well as a Certified Gunsmith within their ranks, each one ready to offer advice and help. They are also capable of helping with the personalization of armory, restoration of collectibles, equipment cleaning and various other works that require only top quality service.


Aside from providing quality protective services, Blackwater also offers access to some of the best defense tools needed to keep their clients armed. The Pro Shop provides Rapid Assault Shirt, Chaos Safety Glass, Ripstop Plant and more.


Blackwater jobs


An equal opportunity company, Blackwater is always looking for individuals who excel in providing safety and security to their clients. The site is open for ex-military men or those coming from the private sector. Office-based jobs are available for those who do not have the security background for on-field needs.


About ninety-five percent of the individuals employed by the Blackwater are ex-military men who still carry the undeniable reliability and strength of the US defense troops. All of these personnel have been thoroughly trained to make sure that they are at their best for any sudden calls. Anyone can apply for Blackwater jobs and be part of this elite organization.


Blackwater has been the run-to for years by some of the biggest private intuitions for various needs. It has also been consulted by the government multiple times, proving just how consistent their services are when it comes to safety and security. Today, the company has managed to fulfill local and international contact beautifully, earning them excellent reputation within the industry. The company also has a good reputation within the staff, offering Blackwater jobs with competitive salaries and nurturing environment.


How Much do their Services Cost?


The cost of services offered by Blackwater varies from one job to another. Individuals who are thinking about obtaining their services are advised to contact the business directly to find out more.


For more information about Blackwater jobs and services, feel free to browse our website. 

Updated: January 28, 2016.

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